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Custom Built Hoses

Tube Bending

Metal Hose Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication - Coping, Grooving, and Threading

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When evaluating your hose assembly needs -> Think S.T.A.M.P.E.D.
SIZE What is the hose Inside Diameter (I.D.) and Outside Diameter (O.D.)? What is the overall length of the hose assembly?
TEMPERATURE What is the temperature range of the material flowing through the hose? What are the temperature highs and lows of the hoses outside environment?
APPLICATION What is the hose being used for? (hydraulics, venting, suction, discharge, etc.)
MATERIAL What material or substance will flow through the hose assembly? Specific materials (i.e. oil, abrasive, chemical, gases, etc.) often require specific hose design parameters to be sufficiently contianed and adequately utilized.
PRESSURE What is the maximum working pressure of your application? Does the pressure level experience surges and/or regular decreases?
ENDS What type(s) of fittings are required for the application? (i.e. male or female, pipe thread, jic, metric, angled, etc.) Are the fittings designed for the hose?
DUPLICATION When replacing a hose assembly, have it rebuilt/duplicated to recommended specifications.

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Under Construction