AIR CHARGER BOOTS & Elbows - Rubber & Silicone: FlexfabMission 


HYDRAULIC HOSE - Suction, Low to EX. High, DOT GatesSemperit, Ind. Choice, KurtFlex IncBrakequip 

AIR HOSE - Rubber, PVC, Hi-Temp, Oil Resistant GatesKuriyamaThermoidKurt, Industrial Choice


HYDRAULIC HOSE ENDS - Steel, Stainless, Brass Gates Crimp, KurtCouplamatic, (W.H., Parker, Aeroquip copies)


AIR HOSE ENDS - Brass, Steel, Stainless, Poly Contractors Choice, FairviewDixonAmflo/Plews


IRRIGATION HOSE for Drip, Pivot, Wheel Line, Etc. Industrial Choice, Sun-FlowKentakKuriyama 


AIR LINE FILTER, REGULATOR & LUBRICATORS Metal Works PneumaticAmflo/PlewsCoilhose

MATERIAL HANDLING HOSE (Abrasives) Ind. Choice, GatesAlfaGomma, Hi-TechKuriyamaTitan


BLOW GUNS Contractors Choice, CoilhoseAmflo 


METAL FLEX HOSE & EXPANSION JOINTS PrecisionGlobal FlexKuriyamaProcoUnaflex 

BRASS ADAPTORS - Pipe-Sae-Compression-Dot Etc. AlkonFairviewLakeShoreMidland

METRIC FITTINGS - Hydraulic BrennanTompkinsWorld Wide 


CAM & GROVE (cam lock) Poly, Alum., Stainless, Etc. PT CouplingEvertiteSunflow, Ind. Choice, Bee Valve

OIL HOSE - Suction, Discharge, Automotive, Edible Industrial Choice, GatesTitanAlfaGomma 


CLAMPS - Screw, T-bolt, Pinch, Punch, Etc. ClampcoPunch-LokIdealOetikerBand-it


PAINT HOSE - Rubber w/Nylon tube & Airless Flex IncKuriyama 


CHEMICAL / ACID HOSE Gates, Ind. Choice, ThermoidTitan


PIPE FITTINGS - Blk, Galv, SS, Sch 40, 80, Weld, Poly MatcoBee ValveNeilan 


COMPRESSION FITTINGS: Stainless, Steel, Brass BrennanTylok (Swagelok Style), Fairview, Alkon


PLASTIC TUBING - Nylon, Urethane, Poly E, DOT Nyl KentakTectranKuriyamaCoilhose 


DUCTING / EXHAUST HOSE - Up to 22" Hi-Tech DuraventFlexaustPac EchoPRESSURE


WASH HOSE & Accessories Ind. Choice, SemperitGatesSuttnerJE Adams

FLANGES - Hydraulic, Pipe 150lb, 300lb, Plate, Industrial Choice, BrennanMatcoAnchor Fluid Power



FIRE HOSE, CPLG'S, NOZZLES & ADAPTERS Key Fire HoseAction Coupling, Ind. Choice, U.S.F., C&S, Dixon


QUICK COUPLERS - Hyd, Air, Water Equiv to most Contractors Choice, Amflo-PlewsP.C.I.Stucchi

FOOD HANDLING HOSE & ENDS (Internally Exp) TitanGates, Industrial Choice, Bradford


RECOIL AIR HOSE - Polyurethane & Nylon, Contractors Choice, Coilhose

FOOT VALVES - Cast Iron, Plastic, Brass Dixon, SunflowMatco, Transporters Choice


REELS - Air, Fuel, Oil, Hyd, Weld, Electric, Water Cox ReelsAmfloReelcraft, Industrial Choice

FREON HOSE & ENDS Gates, Goodyear, AtcoSAND


BLAST HOSE Industrial Choice, AlfaGomma


FUEL HOSE (Transfer) FUEL LINE (Automotive, Truck) Gates, Industrial Choice, Thermoid,  Titan


SEALS/ORINGS North A. Seals, American Pkg & Gasket, Permatex

FULL TIME SWIVELS - Hydraulic, & for Hose reels Hyd. Inc., JE AdamsCox ReelReelCraft


SPA/POND HOSE - Glueable to PVC pipe fittings Pacific EchoKuriyama

GARDEN ACCESSORIES - NOZZLES, FITTINGS U.F.S., Ind. Choice, Gilmour, Lakeshore

STAINLESS BRAIDED TEFLON HOSE & Ends Kurt, Teleflex, Harvill

GARDEN HOSE-Contractors Grade (Rubber & PVC) Industrial Choice, Gilmour, Contracters Choice


STEAM HOSE - Rubber, SS Metal Hose, SS Br. Teflon Gates, Precision Metal H., Kurt, Ind. Choice, AlfaGomma

GASKETS - Hose ends, Camp locks, Flanges, Aerosols American Pkg., PT, North A. Seal, Permatex


TIRE ACCESSORIES-Inflators, Gauges, Tank Valves Amflo-PlewsCoilhose

GUAGES - Liquid & Dry Dynamic, Birch, Industrial Choice, WIKAAshcroft


THREAD SEALANT/LOCKERS - Anaerobic, Teflon, Etc. Permatex (We carry a full line)

GREASE, OIL, FUEL EQUIPMENT - Guns, Pumps, Etc G F & D, National Spencer


TUBING-STEEL - Stainless, Steel, Teflon, Plastics EMJNeilanTectranKurtCoilhoseKentak



VACUUM HOSE - Plastic (Ind), Rubber (Automotive) Hi-TechFlexible TechKuriyamaPacific Echo, Flexaust

HOSE BARBS - Poly, Brass, Steel, Stainless, Bee Valve, Midland, Lakeshore, Ind. Choice, FairviewVALVES-BALL/GATE-Brass, Steel, Stainless, Poly Matco, Industrial Choice, PCIBee Valve, Legend

HOSE CRIMPERS for Hydraulic & Industrial Hose GatesKurt, Misc.

VINYL HOSE Industrial Choice, KentakKuriyama

HOT ASPHALT & HOT BLOWER HOSE - Rubber, SS AlfaGommaTitan, Metal Hose, Ind. Choice

WASHDOWN HOSE, NOZZLES, & ACCESSORIES Gates, Ind. Choice, C. Choice, SuperKlean

HUMP HOSE/BOOTS - Rubber & Silicone FlexfabMission

WATER DISCHARGE - Rubber & PVC up to 14" Industrial Choice, Sun-FlowKuriyama

HYDRAULIC ADAPTERS - Steel & Stainless KurtBrennanWorldwideAir-WayTompkins


WATER SUCTION -Rubber & PVC up to 12" Industrial Choice, Pac EchoKuriyama

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